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We did ALL the work. So you don't have to.

Would YOU consider running...

Daily sales meetings with your team if they...

  • Fit into your team's schedule?

  • Lasted no longer than 20 minutes?

  • Included daily role play and accountability?

  • Helped your manager develop leadership skills?

  • Included engaging discussions?

  • Recognized top performers?

  • Weren't a total and complete waste of time?

  • Allowed you to track and measure progress?

  • Included scripted and pre-planned lessons?

  • Included tangible sales workbooks?

  • Included tangible managers workbooks?

  • Could be hosted in person or remote?

  • Could be access in-person or virtually?

  • Were engaging and educational?

...actually generated results for your business?

Training the team... sucks.

BUT it doesn't have to - if you have this:

  • Fully immersive online portal

  • Manager's course materials & workbooks

  • Sales team's course materials & workbooks

  • Live reporting, tracking & testing

  • Interactive lesson plans to increase engagement

  • Engaging team discussions & recognition

  • Immersive role-play sessions & correction

  • Daily lesson plans carefully built for you

  • Entertaining & educational content for a month

  • Certification upon graduation

Your Sales Team Won't Thank You...

But they'll LOVE you for giving them:

Unbridled Confidence

Your team probably hasn't mentioned it yet - but they are ready to develop their skills and take their production to the next level. They just need someone to lead them.

Team Bonding

Team discussions & role play sessions will help to develop a culture of growth, skill development and personal excellence. Don't withhold your team from being part of something.

A Unified Approach

Right now, your entire team is doing whatever they think works. Give them a unified approach to closing and handling objections that actually works - at scale.

Serious Sales Swag

Turn your troops into savage rainmakers who know how to handle any closing scenario and know how to close the deal no matter what is thrown their way.

Engaging team Meetings For... Days

Daily Lessons 1-5

Objective: To help create awareness across the team and provided a unified approach to understanding where sales objections come from, encourage discussion and increase engagement throughout the sales team.

Day 1: Where Do Objections Come From?

Day 2: The Objection Handling Formula

Day 3: Listening To Understand

Day 4: Which Objections Are Real And Which Are Fake?

Day 5: Closing Is Your Obligation

Daily Lessons 6-10

Objective: To create a formal and unified approach to handling common pricing, budget and payment objections and to familiarize each individual on the team to consistent role playing practices.

Day 6: Introduction To Pricing, Budget & Payment Objections

Day 7: Handling 'That's Too Expensive'

Day 8: Handling 'That's Out Of Our Budget'

Day 9: Handling 'I Can Get It For Less Somewhere Else'

Day 10: Handling 'The Payments Are Too High'

Daily Lessons 11-15

Objective: To familiarize the sales team with the correct approaches for common stall objections and develop a unified approach to handling stall objections within the sales process.

Day 11: Introduction To Stall Objections

Day 12: Handling 'I Need To Think About It'

Day 13: Handling 'We Are Going To Wait Until...'

Day 14: Handling 'I'm Going To Keep Shopping/Looking'

Day 15: What Objections Are You Using?

Daily Lessons 16-20

Objective: To ensure each individual on the team understands how to personalize their objection responses and to encourage the team to understand how to remain in control throughout the close.

Day 16: Handling 'I Need To Talk To [3rd Party]'

Day 17: Fluidly Handling Multiple Objections In The Close

Day 18: The 'Only Reason' Theory

Day 19: Having Fun & Personalizing Dynamic Responses

Day 20: Graduation & Ultimate Role Play

Step 1: We'll Connect Real Quick

You're busy. In under 20 minutes we'll:

  • Learn about your business's sales goals

  • Understand your current training process

  • Identify how to launch effectively

  • Explore the Bootcamp to ensure a good fit

*We promise to NEVER sell you anything you wouldn't want to buy

Step 2: Schedule Your Launch

Your private 60-minute call with Jordan will:

  • Put fire in your people's eyes

  • Ask your team for the most common objections

  • Conduct a live role play for your team

  • Demonstrate how the Bootcamp works

Step 3: Sit Back & Watch The Show

Over the next 20 business days, your team will:

  • Break personal sales records

  • Develop Bruce Wayne levels of confidence

  • Ask more high-quality questions in the close

  • Help your business print money the legal way

*Your Dedicated Performance Manager will schedule calls with management staff to track team performance, engagement and participation with real-time usage reports.

we know you don't want to 'book a call'.

Here's exactly why you should anyway...

Um. We're a sales training company. So...

First, we expect you to hold us to the highest possible standards.

Second, we would never expect you to hire us to train your team if you weren't ridiculously impressed with our approach to sales.

Third: Even if you do nothing (which is fine, by the way), you'll walk away with a ton of actionable, real-world information you can use to improve your team's sales.

So.... Click the little green button down there and let's chat.


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